About Us

All of us have a story. That’s a given. What isn’t a given is the fact that so few realize how much their story is based on the encounters they have experienced throughout their lives. These encounters are what truly mold us into who we are today. The impact of encounters and the importance they play in our lives are immeasurable. When we look over the things we’ve done, the reasons why we ended up where we are, it many times comes back to different encounters that have taken place in our lives.

Many of the best lessons we learn throughout our life are taught to us through an encounter with someone else. Every time an encounter story is shared people’s faces begin to light up. Usually the story isn’t even finished before the other person is excitingly describing the encounter that changed their life. The energy is contagious and these encounters show that when you break it down, we really aren’t very different from one another. We all have encounters that have changed our lives and have led us down our individually destined paths. Click here and share your story, share your encounter.