Helpful Hints

  • Take a moment right now and reflect on your life. What events, what people, what ENCOUNTERS changed your course in life and sent you in a direction you never dreamed you would go? Whether the encounter dealt with family, love, work, or anything else that helped shape you, we would love to hear your story. Before you leave this site, Please visit our “send your story” page and tell us about an encounter that forever changed your life.
  • Write in the first person.
  • Your Encounter story should be between 200-1000 words if possible. If not, then send it anyway because we want to know about your encounter.
  • Still need some hints? Ask yourself right now… how an encounter may have led you to that special person, that perfect job, to that new city or new state. Is there a family encounter, or a teacher/professor encounter that changed your entire way of looking at things and led you down a completely different path than you had planned? What about those unbelievable close call and near death encounters where it’s a miracle you’re alive. Perhaps your near death encounter completely changed how you live and how you look at life.
  • Need more motivation? Think about college encounters, high school encounters, police encounters… and those encounters that make people stop and say, “Really??”. And don’t forget about religious encounters, inspirational encounters, military encounters; the possibilities are endless.
  • What encounters impacted you the most? You know there was at least one moment, one encounter in your life that changed everything. Share it now by clicking here.